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Naino Technologies logo

Naíno Technologies is a startup whose goal is to design, manufacture and market innovative technological solutions for everyday life.

In lingala, the word Naíno means "first" but is also used in the expression "not yet". Thereby, it carries the duality of an eye focused on the future and yet witness to the past, just like our logo, which is inspired by the adinkra symbol Sankofa.

Together, our name and our logo embody our vision. At Naíno, we believe that thinking progress implies re-thinking the world, to advance without harming, to advance without ignoring, to advance without excluding, and most of all, to advance without forgetting.

Technology background

More than a team

Armand Kamanda

Armand Kamanda

Co-Founder & Principal Engineer


  • Computational mechanics expert


  • 10+ years experience in mechanical design


  • Designed and patented e-boka’s innovative kneading concept

Dyana Kamanda

Dyana Kamanda

Co-Founder & Brand Director


  • Lawyer in business law


  • Turned a concept into an attractive product with a brand identity


  • Oversees the company's marketing and legal ops

Anne-Espérance Kamanda

Anne-Espérance Kamanda

Associate Engineer


  • Robotics engineer


  • Advanced experience in programmation


  • Perfected e-boka’s interface

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