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" A new style that tastes like old ways "

e-boka is a time-saving and effortless alternative to the laborious preparation of fufu, ugali, garri, eba, pap, nshima, plakali, and others African cuisine staples.

It offers unprecedented ease of use to the many lovers of African food around the world, without losing the original taste of authentic recipes.

Fufu with e-boka
e-boka interface

Easy to use

Time saving

Various recipes

A simple interface with a friendly display and a single button is all it takes to navigate e-boka's various recipes.

Feel free to go about your business while e-boka cooks for you in only a dozen minutes.

Glimpse inside e-boka

" The magic is inside "

e-boka's revolutionary patent pending kneading technology ensures authentic fufu texture and quality.

No hook, no shaft, no blade : e-boka's unique design allows you to easily retrieve your meal once the cooking is done, without having to deal with annoying cleaning.

e-boka's cookbook variety reflects Africa's rich gastronomy ! You can chose from Cassava, plantain, yam, maize, semolina and more ingredients to cook the fufu version you are acustomed to.

And on top of that, e-boka also allows you to concoct your favourite meal, from beef stew to gumbo or egusi soup, without forgetting the numerous vegetables like saka saka or fumbwa that complete the vegan friendly landscape of African cuisine.

e-boka menu selection
e-boka lid design

"A touch of design "

e-boka's refined design definitely marks it in the line of the most upscale kitchen devices.

Its curve is a nice nod to the wooden mortar that is traditionally used in Africa (eboka in lingala language) to grind the materials we want to transform into paste or powder.

Its sophisticated translucent lid and the endlessly customizable ribbon make e-boka a real work of art within your kitchen.

e-boka wax
e-boka shuka masai
e-boka wax
e-boka kounta
e-boka wax
e-boka korhogo
e-boka back

" Innovate with pride "

Our Sankofa shaped logo that we chose to place at the back of e-boka, carries the duality of an eye focused on the future and yet witness to the past.


It is a reminder of our vision and values, that are totally embodied by the explosive alliance of African tradition and advanced technology that e-boka represents.

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