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ufu and so much MORE... all at your fingertips !



Meet e-boka, the kitchen device that cooks perfect fufu for you.

Fufu is one of the most common African staple food, equivalent to what rice is in Asia.

But while automatic rice cookers have been available for rice lovers in Asia and around the world since the 50s, the many consumers of fufu from Africa and other places have never had any modern and effective alternative to the laborious traditional preparation of fufu.

Today, thanks to its revolutionary kneading technology, e-boka eliminates all the constraints related to the making of this essential dish, allowing you to obtain, in only a few minutes and by pressing a single button, a fufu ready to be served. !


Compact, aesthetic and connected, e-boka integrates a digital map of the different fufu recipes according to the regions where it is consumed, as well as a varied catalog of African dishes that can be served as an accompaniment.

Its refined design definitely marks it in the line of the most upscale kitchen devices, while its curve is a nice nod to the wooden mortar which is traditionally used in Africa to grind the materials we want to transform into paste or powder.


An explosive alliance of African tradition and advanced technology!

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